Finding a Wedding Caterer

wedding catererChoosing your wedding caterer can be crucial, as the food being served during reception can be part of a factor on whether or not your wedding celebration is a success. The quality of the food should be so good, your guests would be begging for more. It can also be the most expensive in your wedding budget. To keep you within the know, here are some suggestions on what to look for in a caterer before signing that contract.

Ask around – Your wedding reception venue usually has a caterer, but check if you can bring in another caterer instead. If you are still searching, call your friends and family for referrals. Your photographer, florist, or videographer may recommend a wedding caterer that they have worked with as well. Your favorite restaurant may even also have a wedding catering option.

Inquire to prospective caterers – Call potential wedding caterers and ask about their availability, as well as their general price range. If you find some caterers that would fit your budget, make appointments with them for interview and tasting. In that way, you will have an idea what their dishes would taste during the reception and not having unnecessary surprises on the final bill.

Ask important questions – When interviewing the caterer, ask questions that would matter most in your wedding reception. For instance, would the caterer provide dishes for a particular dietary need (like vegetarians and children)? What would the cost-per-person be? Would the total cost include the staff, equipment rentals, and linens? What services are considered an additional cost? Are they licensed?

Ask for a standard contract – Read the contract carefully first. Look for hidden costs and factors that would go unfavorably to you.

Ask for former events and clients – Check out photos of their past events and ask for their former clients for referrals.

Once you have weighed your options and found a viable candidate, ask them to draw up an outline of what you have discussed, including the total cost, menu possibilities, and what the fee covers.

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