Parent Thank You Gifts for the Wedding

thank you giftAfter the wedding, the couple should show their appreciation to their parents by giving them a Thank You Gift.

Although these gifts are non-essential, but they are certainly a nice gesture to give especially if both of your parents have helped you during the course of the wedding from the preparation to the reception, as well as providing you comfort and advice during the nervous times. If you are planning to give a Parent Thank You Gift, here are some nice suggestions.

A weekend vacation – Show your appreciation to your parents by arranging a relaxing weekend getaway or a night out of town. You can go for a luxurious spa visit or a simple night of dinner and movies.

A thank you video – Create your own video (of even have it professionally done, if you have the money) by using family photographs, home videos, and other related materials. Provide "testimonials" from the bride and the groom to their respective parents and tell them the important things they did for you as you grow up and until now.

At the end of the video, show a message saying: "Thank you for everything. We love you very much!" If you are planning to make your own video, there are various movie programs available, ranging from the standard Windows Movie Maker or iMovie to more sophisticated models like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

A wedding photo album – Send your parents memories of your happy wedding forever frozen in time through pictures stored in an album. You can also blow up your favorite picture (with your parents, of course) and put it in a silver frame.

A wearable gift – You can "spoil" your parents by giving them gifts of jewelry. It could be a matching necklace for both mothers and cuff links for both dads. Other great suggestions include earrings, a pin, tie tack, or an embroidered handkerchief.

A thank you note – Even the simplest of gifts can be the best option as well. Write a hand-written, heartfelt thank you note to each of your parents. You could either have it mailed or sent it yourself.

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