Groom Shower Ideas

groom showerWhat is the perfect way to celebrate the waning days of singlehood before plunging into the life of married bliss? Here are some ideas on what to do in a groom shower.

First of all, a groom shower is more than just your typical stag party of having strippers cavorting in a room with your best male buddies as accomplices. It is more in the vein of a transition period from single blessedness to matrimonial commitment. You try to rekindle a happy memory or you attempt to accomplish something from your wish list.

According to a wedding planner, there are certain factors to consider before booking a groom shower. The first thing to determine is the groom’s general interests or if he have something in his mind, a fantasy he wishes to fulfill. If he is into sports, one might run a list of things he might want to do like play golf with friends or have a scrimmage of basketball and choose to do one, some, or all of them if time and budget permits. Does he want instead to satisfy a yearning like go skydiving for the first time or go to an amusement park and be a kid one final time?

Second worth knowing is his personality. Is he the type who likes to party or does he prefer to do special things on his own? Is he the adventurous kind or does he want to do something he always does back in his youth? From here, a wedding planner could plan out activities for him to do.

Another factor is the groom-to-be’s and his companions’ ages. A younger crowd might opt for something festive and loud, while a more mature cast might go for something reserved.

The last thing to consider is the budget. This is what limits what the groom has in mind if he does not have much going around for him. Else, he could party like a rock star and spend days on an out-of-town trip.

Although stag parties are a staple, it does not mean that soon-to-be-husbands do not crave for it anymore. Rent an apartelle to ensure privacy. For those who want to lower or raise the bar, depending on how you look at it, he and his entourage could go bar hopping or have a clubbing party. A more subdued trip would probably be a karaoke party with friends.

On the other extreme is the groom could play connoisseur and organize a wine tasting party. The groom could rent a limo. He then goes with his groomsmen to a vineyard or a wine store. They could be served with appetizers or light meals to go with their tasting spree.

If the person is into something more physical or sporty, then he could go out with his friends and play a sport he is into. A round of golf works. Or if he is into something more extreme, he could try bungee jumping or skydiving. For someone who wants to be competitive and be unusual at the same, he could join a wakeboarding competition then have fun in the beach afterwards.

There was one client who asked the wedding planner that he wanted to become a kid again. The planner obliged and booked him for a day at the amusement park.

For some who wants the outdoors or just want to travel, here are some options. Those who want to be with nature may go camping on a mountain or have a bonfire by the sea. For those who have the time and money to spare, he could go out of town, visit places he has not been to before or stop at familiar locales.

The easiest route, according to the wedding planner, is anything goes as long as there is drinking and there is no problem with that. What is important is that he is enjoying a day he would relish with the closest people in his life.

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