Choosing the Right Earrings

woman earringsWhen wearing earrings to make a fashion statement, choose the right pair that would suit your height and size, shape of your face and hairstyle. You can try experimenting with different types of earrings and see which one works best for you.

There are various styles, lengths and colors of earrings to choose from. Those classified as fine jewelry include earrings made of gold and silver with diamonds, gems and other precious stones. Costume jewelry is the most affordable with many trendy styles and colors to add to your everyday outfit.

Hair style and face

There are some earrings that should be worn with caution, depending on your hair style and face shape. For long or medium-length hair, hoop-style earrings tend to add weight and curves to your face.

Opt for oval, square or rectangular-shaped hoops that are crafted in light material to add dimension to a round face shape and long hair. Elongated and oblong-shaped earrings also work best for long hair as they follow the lines of the hair.

Meanwhile, those with long, pointed faces should stay away from such earring styles as they tend to emphasize the length of the face.


If you’re wearing an elegant hairdo, then your earrings should also complement your look. For those with their hair all made up, dimensional earrings such as gold drops, diamonds and rhinestone squares are recommended.

Since hair up-do’s puts gives attention to the neck area, chandelier or long, beaded earrings are perfect for accentuating this area. Women with short hair can get away with almost all kinds of earrings. From the simplest studs to the most extravagant hoops, a wide selection of earrings applies very well to short hair styles.

Just as you match earrings with your hairstyle, always consider a balance between your earrings and your outfit and other jewelry. If you’re already wearing a flashy, elegant outfit, then go for a simpler pair of earrings.

If you’re planning on wearing a big piece of jewelry, then you can minimize any other jewelry in your body. Skip the bracelet or necklace if you’re wearing large earrings. Likewise you can leave your ears bare if you have a bold necklace on your chest.

Outfit color

The color of earrings can also match your outfit in several ways. If there is a single dominating color in your outfit, similarly-shaded earrings can provided a coordinated look.

If the outfit has many different colors, then use a pair of earrings to highlight one color and make it more noticeable. If there is no particular color to match in your outfit, choose neutral earrings like metallic studs and hoops, or pearls and tiny diamonds.

Earrings can easily draw attention to your face or hair and also veer attention from less desirable areas that you wish to disguise. That is why when accessorizing, it is important to consider how different parts of your appearance affects other parts of your look.

Earrings that are well-coordinated with your outfits prove to be great accessories, adding a little detail to your look and completing every outfit.

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