Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

choosing wedding ringAside from the style and stones you need to include in your wedding ring (or even engagement ring), you need to make sure that the ring fits your finger perfectly. Here is what you should do in order to measure your ring size accurately.

Make a paper ring – Wrap a strip of paper around your ring finger where the ring is supposed to lay. Make sure that it wraps around completely and mark where the ends meet. Then, create a paper ring using the marks. This, more or less, is how big your ring would be.

Measure your paper ring – Take a tape measurement and put it across the paper ring and measure its diameter (from one point of the circle to its opposite). Since it would be less than an inch in most cases (and therefore prone to inaccuracies), measure your ring in millimeters instead.

Take the ring to the jeweler – With the paper ring at hand, as well as its measurement, inquire to the jeweler about the best-fitting ring possible. Remember that ring sizes differ from country to country, although the US size system is the most common in may parts of the world. The sizes range from US 0000 (or 9.91 mm in diameter) to US 13 (or 22.33 mm).

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