Buying a Wedding Ring

buying wedding ringA wedding ring can be one of the most enduring pieces of your life. It is not only an important element of becoming married, but also a symbol of a long-lasting love and commitment. That is why you need to choose the right wedding rings that are timeless and high-quality. Now is the time to get yourself educated and know what you are supposed to get.

What style to wear?

You need to follow your instinct with regards to the look and design of your ring. Ask yourself if you are comfortable about the style of your wedding ring as you wear it for the rest of your life.

You can go with the traditional gold band, which will be in style for many years to come. However if you want a more "modern" design, you may consider a beaded or an engraved ring. You can even base the designs according to your personality and lifestyle.

What metal to use?

Wedding rings are usually available in three different metals: gold, silver, and platinum. Many couples choose the metal for their bands according to their engagement ring, or you can consider using metals based on the partner’s preference.

This means that it’s okay for the bride to have a silver wedding ring and the groom to have a gold band. If you want to have a platinum ring but not enough cash, maybe you can opt for a white gold ring.

What stones to put?

Although most wedding rings go for diamonds, there are other options available especially either if your budget limits your choices or you just do not have a preference for diamonds. Other hard precious stones that can also symbolize the "toughness" of each other’s love include ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, aquamarine, amethyst, and garnet.

Rule of thumb in choosing a stone other than a diamond: the darker the color, the more expensive it is. If you still insist on wearing a diamond wedding ring despite the tight budget, you may opt for moissanite, zircon, cubic zirconia, or white sapphire.

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