Getting Married in Italy

Italy weddingCiao! Here are some of the wedding traditions in Italy.

In small villages in Italy, after the wedding celebration, the newly married couple walks through town greeting their friends, neighbors, and loved ones. The villagers then set up a sawhorse, a log, and a double handled ripsaw in the town plaza. The newlyweds then must saw the log into two.

The crowds cheers them on until the couple achieves in cutting the log. This symbolizes that the man and woman must work together in their tasks as a family.

Bridal parties are large and wedding feasts are sumptuous. In the reception, candy coated almonds are served to the guests to represent the bitter and sweet things of life. Sometimes, sugared almonds are tossed at the couple as confetti. Love-knot cookies are also handed out. A traditional wedding circle dance called the tarantella is also done at the reception.

The groom’s wedding gift to the bride is a doll. A busta, or wedding bag, is handed out by the bride for gifts of money. The groom’s tie is cut up into pieces and sold to the guests for honeymoon money.

Finally, the front of the car is decorated with flowers to represent happy travels throughout the couple’s life.


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