Things to Include in Your Wedding Program

wedding programA wedding program may not be important for some couples, but they do provide a certain function. In general, a wedding program shows guests the order of how the wedding ceremony is to proceed.

Inside the wedding program, participants in the wedding ceremony are introduced. It can also be used to thank the guests who have celebrated this special date with the couple. Not only that, a wedding program can also help provide a guide of the ceremony for guests who may be of a different culture or faith. It can also be a wonderful keepsake that guests can have of the couple’s special event.

There are certain elements that make up a wedding program. First of all, there is the program cover. A wedding program cover should have the date as well as the time of the wedding ceremony. The cover should also include the names of the couple as well as the location of the wedding ceremony. Other additional elements can also be included in the wedding program cover such as the couple’s picture or other design styles to make the program even more attractive.

On the inside of the wedding program, guests should find the order of events particular to the whole wedding ceremony. This list would include what would be happening during the actual ceremony in their order. This usually starts with the processional music, the actual procession and the actual wedding rites.

The order of events also includes the readings, prayers, exchange of vows, the ring ceremony, the candle lighting, the pronouncement of marriage and then the recessional music. Photo ops may also be included into the order of events right near the end of the wedding ceremony depending on the preference of the couple.

Also included in the wedding program should be the names of the participants in the ceremony. The names of participants with important roles in the ceremony should be stated such as the wedding officiant, parents of the bride and groom, the maid of honor, the best man, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the readers, the flower girls, ring bearer and others.

There are also other elements that couples can add into the wedding programs. This would include an explanation of the rituals and traditions used in the ceremony. It can also include a request for the participation of the wedding audience on the certain parts of the ceremony. Wedding programs can also include quotes and poems that endear the couple on their special day. Directions to the reception may also be included in the wedding program to help guide the guests.




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