How to Choose Your Wedding Invitation

wedding invitationThere are many things that couples should consider when choosing a suitable wedding invitation. There can be many designs to choose from and it may take some time for them to choose the best ones that would fit right into the needs of this special event. Here are certain aspects of the typical wedding invitation that couples should look into before choosing the best one.

In choosing a wedding invitation, couples should already have the actual wedding theme in mind. The site and the setting of the wedding should fit in suitably to the stationary that is used for the wedding invitation. Some couples may even choose the color of the wedding invitation to match the color motif of the wedding itself. In this case, the wedding invitation would give guests an idea of what color outfit to wear to the ceremony and what to expect for the wedding.

Wedding invitations can come in a formal as well as an informal style. This would reflect on the type of wedding that the couple would want to have. It would be wise also to choose a wedding invitation design that fits into the actual theme of the wedding.

If the wedding is planned as a Hawaiian luau, then choosing a wedding invitation design with that Hawaiian air would easily give guests an idea of how the wedding is themed. The same goes for a garden or a beach themed wedding. Couples should try to choose invitations that provides guests with the theme of the wedding.

It is also important for couples to consider choosing wedding invitations with or without reception or RSVP cards. Reception cards provide guests with what to expect after the ceremony. Couples may choose either to have a dinner reception or a cocktail party (where only drinks and finger foods may be served) and can have it stated in the reception card for the benefit of the guests.

The RSVP card would act as a response card that guests may send back to inform the couple if they are coming to the wedding or not. RSVP’s usually have their own stamped and addressed envelops to make mailing them more convenient for invited guests.

Another important thing to consider when choosing a wedding invitation is the budget. Couples should already have a budget in mind and stick to it since there are still other expenses to think about. Knowing the budget would incredibly help limit the choices for wedding invitations, along the way also making it easier for couples to choose.

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