Wedding Styles and Themes

themed wedding ideasOne dilemma for couples who are planning to take the vow is choosing the details for their wedding. The easiest way to decide on your own wedding themes and styles is to base on other couples’ wedding theme ideas you like into your own idea of what an ideal wedding will be. Here is the question of what the dream wedding will look like.

In deciding for the wedding style and theme, consider the following factors:

  • Time or season when to get marry
  • Venue or location of the wedding
  • Estimated number of guests
  • Personal tastes

However, it’s important to decide first whether the wedding will be a formal or casual one. Some refers the formal wedding the "fairy tale" or typical "dream wedding:" traditional church ceremony. A formal wedding theme almost always takes place in the afternoon, with dinner held in the early evening and dancing long into the night.

Imagine a band or small orchestra filling the background and men walking in black tie and women in elegant dresses. Normally, guest lists for a formal wedding is usually in the hundreds which make this wedding style expensive, aside from the fact that there are more details to worry about.

The casual or simple wedding styles may not be that extravagant with that of the formal one but is more creative and never plain. It’s elegance over extravagance and it’s more intimate and lighthearted. A casual wedding allows for easy conversation and enjoyment of good company. There are a lot of possibilities in terms of venues with casual wedding. No matter whether the wedding be held in the beach, or the backyard or park, it’s always the knack for creativity which keeps everything afloat.

A themed wedding is also better suited to a casual wedding; think of a Halloween wedding or a wedding inspired by your favorite fantasy films. Some people are interested in having a truly romantic wedding which could be pulled off with garden wedding theme or an evening wedding by candlelight. Options with casual weddings are really endless.

Couples can also choose to get married in time of a season like summer or winter weddings. Most couples wed during the spring or summer to take advantage of the warm weather and the peak of nature’s beauty. Wedding colors, flowers and special touches can be chosen according the season. Holidays are also used to base wedding themes like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day.

However, the greatest tip is to make most out of both your personal styles. The amalgamation of the man and the woman’s likes will definitely direct into a very memorable and personalized wedding celebration.

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