Summer Wedding Ideas

beach weddingSummer is probably the most popular time of the year to get married, and exchanging vows during this time is an even full of color, vibrancy and sunshine. The months from May to August are full of sunshine and warmth and it is advisable to take full advantage of this season.

For tropical countries, the summer starts at April and ends at May. For northern and southern countries, the summer starts at June and ends at September. For the perfect summer wedding, these tips could come in handy:

Where to Say "I Do"

Whether you want to take your wedding to the beach, a garden, or a beautiful yard, it’s fun to take advantage of the sunny days with an afternoon wedding, or say your vows as the sun goes down behind you. Using fresh fruits and vegetables for decoration makes the whole event more colorful. An evening of torches and lanterns hanging on trees is nothing more but romantic.

Wedding Dresses

Brides who are comfortable with sleeveless or strapless gowns will feel blessed since this is the perfect time to showcase the skin, aside from the fact that it is perfect for the season.  Light fabrics such as organdy, linen, chiffon, crepe, georgette, and other light weight silk are the most advisable. Look for an easy and elegant slip dress.

It’s also fun to go barefoot in a beach wedding party, and the men can wear dress shirts with slacks, or linen suits. Honor the season by replacing the black tuxedo jacket with a white dinner jacket.


It’s the fruits season so it’s the best time to bombard the menu with fresh fruits such as watermelon, and berries, and fresh vegetables such as corn. For the main course, serve sea foods and grilled meat such as barbeque.

Wedding Favors

Pick any of these: personalized miniatures for the adults and personalized chocolates for the kids, sand dollars, seashells, or beach-themed candles.

Couples who want to take the step of marrying in a summer can ask for assistance in some minor details of the wedding and the ceremony or even the entire wedding to be planned professionally, there are numerous wedding centers, wedding planners, bridal consultants, and boutiques who offer their extensive services. With the help of these companies, couples can successfully plan their dream summer weddings.

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