Choosing Handbags to Accentuate Your Physique

It is often overlooked that some handbags go well with certain body types. Just like in clothing, the style and size of handbags can also accentuate a woman’s figure. By rule of thumb, it should not be glaringly different from the rest of the outfit, and instead should blend with it. It should also have enough space to hold all items that you would carry. And most of all, the color and design of your handbag should be versatile enough that it would go with more than one outfit.

Here are other tips that would help you choose the right handbag to emphasize your body physique.

Handbag for a pear-shaped body – If your body is fuller from the waist down, select a small purse with a short strap. This bag tucks nicely under the arm, focuses the observer’s attention to your upper body, and does not add any more volume at your lower part.

(Just Cavalli Snake-Trimmed Canvas Shoulder Bag, available at, $890)

Handbag for the bustier body – If you are generously endowed on the upper half, a larger bag with a longer strap would do. It takes the attention away from your bust.

(Y-3 Leather Messenger Bag, available at, $440)

Handbag for the slim body – If your body type is slender all over, a large hobo bag can add a little volume on your look. Any bulky type of handbag can also add more dimension.

(Fendi Matrioska Tote Bag, available at, $805)

Handbag for the full-figured body – If you have a figure that is full all over, a great handbag would be something smaller with a hint of color or subtle pattern. Use a purse that has short to medium-length strap. This would put the focus of attention to your upper half of the body rather than the overall body length.

(Dolce & Gabbana Miss Pocket Shoulder Bag, available at, $2,195)

Handbag for the hourglass body – A body type that is proportionate to height and weight can have a multitude of choices. What would concern her the most now is whether or not the bag would go well with the clothes.

(Dior Gypsy Ruffled Medium Hobo, available at, $1,755)

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