The Emo Hairstyle

Emo hairstyleThe trendy Emo hairstyles are becoming popular especially among the younger generation who are into the punk and gothic culture. Emo boys and girls want to be unique in expressing their individuality. They use their Emo hairstyles to show their creativity and artistic side. They tend to experiment with their haircuts, playing with different cuts and styles, and don’t follow the conventional hairstyles offered by salons.

Although there are plenty of ways of wearing the Emo do, there are some common themes of this hip hairstyle. Short Emo hairstyles are characterized by spiky, short cuts with very long bangs. The bangs are styled in a long fringe, brushed to one side and usually covering almost half or part of the face. Highlights and streaks can be added to the fringe. Males usually wear this short, spiky style at the back with long bangs in the front.

For long Emo hairstyles, shaggy cuts are usually the choice. Just like the shorter Emo style, the long fringe of bangs are parted to one side of the face. Sweeping the bangs to one side frames the face. This longer style is more popular among females, wearing long bangs with their layered hair.

To better achieve the Emo look, color your bangs with different shades ranging from dark to light. Some of the more popular colors for highlights and streaks are red, blue and purple. Decide on the color that would best show off your style. Emphasize your shaggy hair and the unevenness of your layers by using color highlights that would show through your hair’s natural color.

The Emo hairstyle is more effective when you cut your own hair and then select an appealing hair dye for some wild streaks. The good thing about Emo hairstyles is that you don’t need to use any special hair styling equipment to maintain your hairdo. But if you want to make sure of your haircut, then you can always visit a salon. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can always make some minor adjustments at home. Remember that the Emo hairstyle is best achieved with choppy, un-uniformed cuts so you don’t have to worry about making a mistake.

Still, getting that fresh just-got-out-of-bed look can also be hard to achieve and sometimes Emo hairstyles can get pretty high maintenance. Use appropriate styling products, like hair sprays and gels, to keep your hair rocking the Emo style. Gels stiffen your hair and hold your spikes for hours.

It is best to style with wet hair. Apply a generous amount of gel on your hair and work it through with your fingers, forming a spiky or a shaggy style, whichever way you want it. Blow-dry your hair until it is completely dry and then add more gel or use hairspray for a stronger hold. Avoid brushing your hair once you have already styled your own, unique Emo hairdo.

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