Getting Married on a Cruise

cruiseThe demand for cruise wedding has grown at a very fast rate over the last few years. Actually, these were unheard of five or so years ago, but nowadays cruise lines have as much as 2000 weddings a year.

One good thing about having your wedding on a cruise ship is that cruise lines also offer a built-in honeymoon. This means that you can have your wedding on the ship while on port, then simply sail off on your honeymoon right after! Or better yet, you can bring all of your guests on the cruise with you!

If you are planning to go on a cruise wedding, here are some things you should know about.

It is vastly available – Wedding packages are available on a variety of cruise liners from Cape Canaveral to Royal Caribbean International. Review each wedding service, especially where the cruise ship travels during your honeymoon as well as its rates.

Bring you own clergyman – Most cruise liners do not have in-house clergyman or religious official to perform the service. Other companies, like Grand Princess, have their own captains who are also authorize to perform wedding ceremonies. Ask the company if you would have to bring one for your wedding.

Choose how you want to wed – Cruise wedding can take place in a variety of way, either onboard a ship’s public room or on a romantic shore like a beach or even glacier. Some cruise liners have their own wedding chapel in their ships, which you can celebrate either while in port or at sea (depending on the company).

Hire an event planner, if needed – Although cruise companies can take care of you own wedding, it is best that you hire an event planner who would oversee the event’s details as well as add some professional touches to your wedding. After all, you need to make your wedding celebration a special and memorable event.

Prices are just like any wedding – The price range of a cruise wedding is similar to that of the usual wedding. Consult with a cruise travel agent, an event planner, or the cruise line’s wedding department and select the best package for you. The options may seem to be endless, but most of them are basically the same. However, you need to make sure that your dream wedding should be in sync with your budget.

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