Planning a Destination Wedding

destination weddingWhat could be the perfect dream wedding for someone? It could either be taking a bow on the Caribbean beach or saying "I do" in the top of the mountains. Taking the wedding to fantasy destinations and exotic locations is slowly becoming a trend. What could be the reason behind this shift from the traditional church wedding?

First, having a destination wedding is considerable as a mini-vacation not just for the couples but also for the closest family relatives and friends. It offers the intimacy that isn’t exclusive to the bride and groom but also for everyone.

Second, destination weddings are far less work than traditional weddings since most hotels and resorts offer wedding-planning packages and services, departing away from last-minute preparations and errands.

Last, destination weddings are often less expensive, with the prices of travel, dresses and reception bills combined. This is because there are fewer guests and hotels offer all-inclusive deals.

Even before starting the planning stage, couples should always discuss the budget. Always remember that aside from the destination itself, the size of the guest list determine the size of the budget.

For those who are budget-conscious, look for destinations those charges less, or those that offer a wide range of dining and lodging options. Consider off-season date for top-travel spots and explore local neighborhoods with fewer prices for other aspects like rehearsal dinner. Give guests invitations in advance so that they can make the necessary travel and vacation arrangements.

In determining the location, always consider the guests who are coming. Always remember that destination weddings are good for guests who are coming from scattered parts in the world.

Give the possibility that everyone in the guest list can come without the needed hassle. Be open to compromise with locations and always consider some less common but beautiful places as well.

For those who want to get married in another state or country, a local marriage license and possibly a passport will be needed. Unlike the passport that can easily be applied in advance of the wedding date, securing a marriage license can be trickier, especially in a foreign country.

Contact the local city hall and get permission to be married in the location. Find out more information in advance because some would ask for more papers such as blood tests, doctor’s certificates and other unexpected requirements, so that the destination wedding can be as smooth as a breeze.

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