Holiday Makeup Tips

holiday makeupThe holiday season is fast approaching and you just couldn’t figure out what to appear in your cocktail party. You can concerned, for instance, that your made-up face would dry out but with these neat tips you don’t have to bother.

Go for a dramatic look – Winter time demands for a heavy look that doesn’t appear too Morticia. Smoky, shimmery eyes go well with light lips, or you could go from a deep red pout with a lighter eye make-up (which is the way to go if you are about to attend a high-class late-night party). Remember not to play on both eyes and lips, so it wouldn’t appear costum-ish. Shimmer is still trendy in this year’s winter, just like last year, but just don’t overdo the product.

Buy primers – This neat product, a must for both face and eye makeup. Apply a primer on before foundation or eye shadow to keep makeup in place for hours. This also fill in fine lines and skin imperfections.

Go for tinted moisturizers – Forget the foundation for now and apply tinted moisturizer after a layer of primer. It is lighter than foundation and gives a sexy dewy finish.

What to bring along – For a quick touch-up, apply oil-blotting paper (in private, of course) on your face if you tend to get greasy. Make sure that the blotting paper does not contain powder, which can make your look cake-y.

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