Stylish Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs

Being fashionable does not always mean that you have to own the latest items each season to keep up with the latest trends. There are classic, timeless pieces that never run out of style and always look trendy whatever the season may be.

Unlike every season’s "in" clothes which come and go, you can be sure that these wardrobe classics are here to stay. Spruce up your closet and invest in these timeless pieces, because you can never go wrong wearing them in whatever fashion season.

Wide-leg trousers

These men’s styled pants look good in every body type by flattering your figure. Those that flare slightly at the bottom creates an elongated which looks good on any figure type. Even women with thick thighs and wide hips can get away with these pair of easy pants.

You can have these pants in colors of black, navy and gray, but neutral tones will get you by each season. Pair these with tops of the same color or wear shoes with the same color as your outfit to get the best look.

Tailored skirts

The shapes of tailored skirts have remained a classic over the years. You can choose from between two styles, either the A-line straight or the softy pleated, tailored skirt. The stylish outline created by these skirts can become an essential in your office or evening wardrobe.

Wear these skirts in different designs, from light colorful prints to patterned silks or solid neutral colors. Remember that with a stiffer fabric, your pleated skirt will appear more structured or box-shaped.

For a slimming line, the stitched down pleats would work fine over the tummy and hip areas. Also you may opt to tuck in your shirt or wear a jacket for day or night time wear.

The jacket or blazer

When you are dressing the part, a jacket will always make you look polished and sophisticated. You can never go wrong with the classic shape of a single breasted and slightly fitted jacket, as this is cut to discreetly hug the body without overemphasizing any particular feature. Its versatility will surely work well with most of your wardrobe.

You have a choice for the color, trim and fabric, but neutral and pastel colors always bring out the classic look. Have it in silk or satin, for more formal occasions. For a more casual look, have a jacket that’s made of linen or cotton.

Black turtleneck sweater

A turtleneck is sure to flatter the chest size, whether big or small. It is perfect for layering, and can also look great worn by itself or with just about any piece of clothing. Try to find a stretchable turtleneck to fit your body without losing its shape.

Safari style

Think neutrals like ivory or khaki with large pockets when wearing this style. The color can be used to build your wardrobe and allows you to mix and match with every item of clothing in your collection. Safari jackets will make you look sophisticated by covering up all the right places.

They come in various lengths, but a shorter cut will highlight long, tin bottom top whereas hip-lengths are sure to flatter and hide those with a slightly bigger bulge.

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