Hairstyle for your Face Shape

When browsing hairstyle magazines for a new do, it’s not just about telling your stylist to transform your locks into the latest hair trend.

Even if you get the exact same haircut on you, you’ll not be able to pull off the entire look, that is unless you resemble the model in the magazine. You also have to consider having the right face to wear that style.

Stylists usually take into account your physique when choosing a hairstyle for your own unique look. There should be a balance between your style and body frame.

A close cropped style like a bob would complement a person with a small frame, whereas full-bodied hairstyles would suit those with a large built.

Some haircuts also look best on specific face shapes. Here are some suggested hairstyles that are sure to flatter your face shape:

Oval face shapes – This is the most ideal among the face shapes. To achieve the perfect look, you have to choose the right hairstyle that would make your face appear more oval. Oval face shapes complement almost any look imaginable, from short and straight to long and wavy.

If you really want to highlight a facial feature, may be your chin or cheekbone, layer your hair near those areas. Styles that look best with oval face shapes include long, wavy hair, blunt bangs, and chin-slimming bobs.

Heart shaped faces – The pointy chin tends to be the central point with this face shape. Make your face appear more oval by positioning a large part of your hair at chin level. Wear bangs and keep your hair in shorter styles to draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones instead.

Keep in mind that you have to minimize the forehead, therefore you may choose to have a fringe grazing just above your eyebrows.

Round face shapes – To lessen the appearance of roundness, cheekbones should be minimized with hair cut along the sides and towards the face.

Haircuts falling just below the chin would easily do the trick. Soft, graduated layers will also make your face appear slimmer. Keeps your bangs long or side-sweeping.

Square face shapes – De-emphasize your angular jaw line by going for heavy-textured hairstyles like curls and choppy edges. Keep layered lengths starting at the jaw line and continuing downwards.

Short, spiky haircuts can also do the trick. Just make sure to stay away from one-length bobs and blunt bangs, which would only make your face appear more square.

Triangular shaped faces – These can be treated the same way as square shaped faces with their angular jaw lines. To make the narrow forehead appear larger, more height and fullness should be added to the crown and bangs area.

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