Victoria Beckham: Celebrity Style

Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham, wife of football star player David Beckham and former member of the Spice Girls, is popularly known for her savvy and sophisticated sense of style. The word "posh" perfectly suits her as she is always spotted wearing the latest designer trends and sporting the most expensive bags. Not to mention her signature big black sunglasses which she never fails to leave their new LA home without.

Posh Spice may have put an end to her singing career but she is widely welcomed in the fashion business. She has appeared stylish by wearing different sets of outfits even on a given week. This fashionista has indeed found her own little spot in the fashion world. With her surprising ideas and reinventions, people can expect her to stay, even if she has earned the scrutiny from fashion critics.

Beckham, the fashion-guru, often surprises people by wearing unusual pieces and turning them into unique items. If you want to get Posh Beckham’s sophisticated look, here are some suggestions you can try on your own :

Wear black. Wearing a polished black number for a night out is hard to beat and Victoria Beckham often seems to wear this sort of ensemble in lots of magazine photos that you see her in. In fact when all members of her former girl band were donning bright primary colors, Posh Spice only wore black and with a matching scowl on her face.

Put on a cap. Match this with baggy trousers and braces to get the sort of manly look she sometimes goes for. Posh sometimes gets the habit of going for menswear-inspired pieces.

Get tight with figure hugging pieces. A corset dress combined with pretty accessories like an expensive looking handbag would do the trick. Black nylon corset dresses are readily available in the malls so you don’t need to be spending much just to own an ensemble.

See the light with large shades. Look prim and polished by sporting large shades wherever you go. While you’re going well into Victoria’s fashion style, why not grab a pair of shades from her very own DVB range.

Experiment with a sweater dress. This is another adventurous look that Posh Spice has tried and tested in the fashion world. Go for a neutral color and pair this with knee length black leather boots to achieve the best look.

Feel girly with a plunging black dress. Combine this with your best heels, put on some gloss for wet lips and grab a nice handbag as an accessory, and you’re definitely fit for a night out Victoria Beckham style.

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