Gwen Stefani: Celebrity Style

Gwen StefaniSinger, songwriter, actress, designer, and new mom Gwen Stefani has emerged as one of the hippest and most original style icons of today.

Her fashion style has evolved through the years along with her career – from her days of fronting the pop-ska band No Doubt and then turning into a solo artist, to designing her own clothing line L.A.M.B. while becoming a mother to son Kingston. What remains constant is her ability to mix and match clothes, which many have tried but failed to imitate.

With her trademark look of bright red lips and platinum blond hair, and some major color changes along the way, Gwen Stefani’s hair and make-up styles can only be described as bold to the point of being overdone.

Her locks are ever-changing, once dyeing her hair blue and then maintaining her 1940’s look with vintage hair rolls. She never fails to appear girly even when she’s donning sporty tracksuits or punk skater style outfits. Gwen has that classic Marilyn Monroe aura that many modern artists have also tried to copy.

It is true that Gwen’s greatest passion doesn’t just lie in music but in fashion, drawing inspiration from everywhere and combining different influences to form her very own style. From Japanese street style to rastafarian Jamaican wear, she has managed to combine such eclectic choices to create a different look.

Her comfort is not compromised by her creativity. Gwen is most often seen in loose pants or baggy cargo capris paired with rock t-shirts or long kimono style tops and accessorized with chain belts.

Gwen can easily don a 1950’s glamor outfit on the red carpet and change to an Adidas tracksuit the next time we see her on any event. She can stylishly pull off a tight dress with red pointy shoes and pair the tracksuit with stilettos, and still get the nods of fashion critics.

She can take in clothing pieces from different fashion eras and throw them all together. Whether striped, patterned, polka-dotted or embroidered, Gwen loves to experiment with various stylish ensembles from the past and present. She has been a big fan of vintage clothing, which brings out the uniqueness in her fashion sense.

From her days as a lead female vocalist, Gwen has become more selective with her fashion choices, while not losing the daring and flamboyant traits. Her look may have moved on a bit, but one thing that remains in her fashion style is that fun and carefree look. She was never a fashion follower and always appeared original in her ultra chic outfits.

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