Rock and Republic: Designer Denim

Rock and Republic jeans

The brand was borne out of the designer’s desire to have her girlfriend own a pair of denim jeans which actually hugged her curves in the right place instead of the wrong ones. This is actually where the idea of Rock and Republic started-all because of a pair of jeans with a bad fit.

Rock and Republic is one of the best high-end fashion brands in America right now. It was founded by the fashion tycoons, Michael Ball way back in 2002. The company is owned by Andrea Bernholtz. Before he was able to start the company, Michael Ball was a cycling enthusiast  and had a lot of experience in design by designing the cycling uniforms of his team. The brand is especially famous for their line which was designed by Victoria Beckham which is called "VB Rocks".

The brand name caters to high end fashion as it produces jeans that are edgy, progressive and has a lot of emphasis on deep silhouettes as well as a sleek fit. All of the pieces of the collection is designed for those men and women who are sexy and confident. The fashion brand is also those for who actually live the lifestyle and comprehend the look of what it is to be wearing a bit of rock and roll fashion.

The clothing line is also a producer of maternity wear. This is one of the most surprising things about the clothing line as it does not limit itself to the grunge type of clothes that rock and roll is always associated with. The denim products of the brand are the ones which are most famous and it also complements it with its line of women’s shoes such as stilettos and wedges. The clothing line also includes eyewear and handbags which are scheduled to come out by the time spring of 2007 ends. 

The brand name is quite famous with Hollywood celebrities like Paris Hilton and Cameron Diaz as it is sold mostly in the high-end department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Harvey Nichols and Nordstrom.

As it simply redefines the fashion of rock and roll, the Michael Ball’s ability to fuse his artistic style and his affinity for rock music has been one of the brand’s best selling points as it gives a feel moody fashion which is how rock and roll is typically portrayed in today’s culture.

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