Kate Moss: Celebrity Style

This English supermodel wears whatever she likes, a trendsetter more than a trend follower. She has an original style that is called eclectic yet chic. Here are some tips on how to put together Kate Moss’ look.

Mix, a lot – Not only you have to choose clothes that goes great with just about any other outfit, you also have to check other aspects such as textures and fabrics.

Sticking with the neutrals – Make earth tones, neutrals, and washed out colors as your base.

Tuck you jeans into boots – This goes best with boot cut and slimmed-down jeans. Besides, boots are meant to be seen. You could also tuck in your tights and stirrup pants.

Wearing flats – Why show off your height if you are already tall? Wearing Grecian sandals and other flats also takes the stress off your calf muscles and feet.

Go vintage – Mix antique pieces and other styles of clothing (mixing bohemian and preppy for instance) to create unusual looks.

Wear a skirt, and jeans – Put your skirt or dress over your jeans or pants. It actually emphasizes your legs, gives you more freedom of movement, and it also hides some unsightly scars you might have on your legs.

Throw a scarf – Put a scarf either around your neck or on your waist.

Layer your jewelry – For instance, combine a long gold chain with two shorter chains. Just make sure you don’t combine gold with silver.

Break the fashion rules – Even if you look frumpy with your get-up, a little bit of self-confidence would surely do the trick.

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