Sundari Gotu Kola & Azulene Firming Moisturizer

Sundari Gotu KolaEvery once in a while, you look into the mirror and realize that your skin isn’t as supple as it once was. The normal impulse would be to simply grab a bottle of generic moisturizer in order to smoothen out the rough parts of your skin, thereby giving you sort of what you would call a "quick fix" in the process.

However, if you’re truly serious about giving your skin that much-needed boost that you always longed for, you should always look to get a better moisturizer-one that works as much as you do. For those of you who have dry skin, all you’ve needed is already here: Sundari Gotu Kola & Azulene Firming Moisturizer for dry skin.

This weird-sounding moisturizer is derived from gotu kola which is an oil whose generic name is centella asiatica. The Indian word for this plant is "brahmi" which when translated, means "knowledge". This is probably one of the wisest plants in the kingdom as it has been always used to treat burns, leprosy, syphilis, asthma and bronchitis.

That’s quite an impressive resume if you come to think about it. The Indian Gotu Kola can be found in the tropical islands of the Indian Ocean and it was primarily found in Madagascar where the plant was first researched for its curative properties.

This moisturizer is a mixture of Ayurvedic wisdom as well as Western science as it firms and extensively hydrates one’s skin and is especially good for those with dry skin. With continued use, you will be able to notice the firming effects that it has on your skin as well as some visible improvements on the texture and tone of your problem areas.

The formula of this particular moisturizer is great for making your skin much more elastic with its repairing properties through the mango seed butter and kukui nut oil. These ingredients are able to richly hydrate your skin while the chamomile will be able to relieve some pain from your other sensitive areas.

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