Sienna Miller: Celebrity Style

This English actress and model is one of the fast-rising fashion icons that people have been raving about. What are her weapons of choice when it comes to being glamorous?

Going boho-chic – Sienna Miller is considered one of the first actresses to have introduced bohemian and hippie influences in celebrity fashion. In her case, the style goes beyond the earth tones and 1960s look as she still incorporates sexiness in her clothes. The main piece is her boots, either in Uggs or crocheted.

 sienna miller style

Modern-day fairy – Don’t let her seemingly laid-back style fool you. Sienna knows when to go glamorous, and when she does, she sometimes go for an angelic look. Dressing in white (or any light color), with soft lines and simple silhouettes, she can be mistaken for a fairy.

 sienna miller style

Mix and match – Sienna proves that tossing just about anything right would lead to a really funky look. She makes mixing and matching so effortless.

 sienna miller style

All-out glamor – It’s not surprising why Sienna Miller always ends up in the best-dressed list. She stands out from the crowd with red-carpet fashions that go beyond designer labels.

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