How to Wear Flat Shoes with Style

flat shoesLast season’s flat shoes are still the "it" accessory to add style and comfort to your everyday wear. Women everywhere don’t need to endure the pain of wearing 3-inch heels just for an added value to their outfits. Flat shoes are getting more appealing with their great and trendy designs that these shoes are getting much acceptance in the fashion world. Available in a variety of colors, patterns, toe shapes and embellishments, these hip shoes instantly stylize your basic outfits when matched accordingly.

Flat shoes look great with just about anything, and at any place and any time. You’re the one to decide on how formal or casual you can get with your flats. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down for the occasion, flat shoes give a quick solution whenever you’re having a dilemma of not having your pedicure fix and can’t show off your toes.

You also get to choose from a variety of styles, that way you’ll always look fashionable with your flats. For a more casual look, rounded toe flats would suit you comfortably when going out for a walk with your girlfriends. For a dressed up look, go for the pointy toe flats that’s accentuated with details. This would fit perfectly on your business suit.

Flat shoes would also perfectly get you through every occasion. You can look sophisticated by dressing up in your flats, while not compromising your style and comfort. Pair a lace wrapped dress with beaded, metallic flats detailed with sequins and you can definitely be worthy of the red carpet. When suiting up for a board meeting or a conference call, you don’t always have to rely on your heavy duty pumps. Dress up with loafer-style flats with buckles to match your slim pants or skirt and jacket.

When going out on a hot date, trade your towering stilettos for a comfortable pair of flats adorned with colorful, shiny sparkles. Achieve that girl next door look when you partner this with the good old jeans and top ensemble. Colorful, floral flats also add a little flirt in you when going out on a daytime stroll at the beach. These look fabulous with capris and a cardigan, or with peasant skirts. You’ll definitely have a date that will join you when watching romantic sunsets.

Add a little fun with the color of your flats. Try going for metallic tones like gold and silver, or maybe go for the more solid colors like green, red or yellow. These look great when paired with your favorite jeans. But for a basic everyday shoe, you may opt for a neutral shaded flats.

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