John Frieda Beach Blonde Sun Streaks Highlighter

John Frieda Beach BlondeFor those of you who want to be able to look like a beach blonde 24/7, look no further as John Frieda’s Sun Streaks Heat-Accelerated Highlighter will take care all of your hair bleaching needs. This is a gentle and mild peroxide-based gel which you can put on your hair in order for you to highlight any part of your hair.

You can simply put a considerable amount of volume in your hair to have that chunky strand feel, or maybe you could put this on specific strands and maybe isolate some strands here and there so you’ll be able to show off those shiny streaks. This is the most excellent ways for you to lighten unwanted roots.

The specially-formulated time-release gel gradually lightens as more heat (either through the sun or the dryer) is applied to the hair with the gel on it. The best part of this is that you’ll be able to customize your beach blonde look. Be sure that you have blonde to medium brown hair if you’re using this in order to get the best results. This bleaching gel is safe to leave on all day and you can also leave it on and not rinse it out.

Be sure that you are able to apply this to dried hair and expose it to direct sunlight. If you want faster results, you would be better off apply blow-dryer heat. You can simply reapply as desired in order to get the proper lightening effect. The lightening effect will eventually increase with each use and you’ll end up with permanent highlights with prolonged use.

If you’d like skinny streaks and chunky strands, you would be best off to apply the gel only to your fingertips and simply pull through selected sections of your hair in order to isolate those specific strands from roots to ends. If you’d like to touch-up your roots, you should apply as desired in order to blend away the darker roots while avoiding contact with the scalp.

Aside from the usual precautions with the skin, eyes and clothings, this product will really give you what it promises-a beach blonde look in no time at all. Always remember to understand its limitations so that you’ll be able to use it effectively. Should any random redness or skin or scalp irritation occur, make sure to discontinue use of the product as soon as possible.

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