Byblos: Fashion Designer

Byblos was established in 1973 in Italy. At first, its very emphatic style was created by then young and creative genius Gianni Versace (from 1977 to 1979), who was then followed by French designer Guy Paulin (1979 to 1982).

However, the very essence of Byblos’ success and longevity was the long collaboration between English designers Keith Verty and Alan Cleaver (1981 to 1996). Other designers who have been part of the brand’s creative efforts include Richard Tyler, John Bartlett, and Martine Sitbon. Their innovative and original style rapidly became recognized worldwide.

The man behind the scenes is Sergio Girombelli, who kept Byblos’ vision for almost three decades. Since its inception, Byblos has always been above all else lightheartedness and easy spirit, a joy of life and living.

Today the new design objectives have been entrusted to an extremely talented team of Manuel Facchini, Stefano Citron, Greg Myler, and Federico Piaggi. The new owner of Byblos is Swinger International with its headquarters in Bussolengo, Verona, Italy.

There is no doubt that Byblos has benefited from the creative prowess of each designer who worked with the brand, but instead of just a conglomeration of ideas, it was a convergence of style that is unique and identifiable as Byblos.

The new identity of the Byblos men’s and women’s collection has a clear and consistent style characterized by specific color, material and line. The prints give a strong brand identity using innovative pattern and technique, matched with superlight knitwear and backed by extensive fabric research. This results to a coherent style, translating into a distinctive and individual image.

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