Buying The Right Shoes

blue shoesPurchasing a pair of shoes may seem easy, but there are considerations that should be made before buying them. Remember that your shoes should be the most comfortable piece of clothing you should wear, especially when you are walking around for several hours. Take some extra time doing these tips when going to a shoe store.

Buy your shoes during the afternoon

Do your footwear shopping towards the end of the day, after you have been up and walking for several hours. This makes you feet slightly larger than it was in the morning.

Have your feet measured

Many people try on the shoes without even checking the length and width of each foot. Know the proper size of your feet, and check if you feet have slightly different sizes.

Stand up when measuring your feet

Have your feet outlined or measured while you stand up. This makes your feet occupy as much space as it can, also to make a more accurate measurement of your feet’s width.

Shop for the larger foot

If your feet are different sizes, the best fit is larger. To make your shoe fit the smaller foot, put an insole to fill space.

Check if your shoe fits your heel and your toes

The toe part of your shoe should have ample space for your toes to move around, while the heel part should not slip up when walking. Any sign of slipping up would cause your heels to wound with constant friction.

Walk around the store wearing the shoes

Try taking several steps around the store, making sure the shoe is comfortable enough. Any sign of pain would only get worse on a long walk.

Don’t expect the shoe would "break in"

A common misconception among people is that shoes should be purchased snug (or a little less than your feet’s actual size) so they can break-in. Doing so would only affect your feet, at some point even misshaping them. When buying shoes, make sure that they fit just right.

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