Hair Red Color For Fall 2007

Darker hair highlights is predicted to be the in thing this Fall 2007. You not only create a statement with your newly-dyed dark hair color, you could also make a bold statement with an even outrageous highlight tone…RED.

In fact, red hair never goes out of style. It looks perfect for any type of hair. However, it is not advisable to get into a new red color right away without having an idea what it would look like on your hair. Here are some great tips to make you have the right idea on highlighting your hair with flaming red.

Choosing the right kind of red makes wonders to your overall look. If you are blond you may not want to go fire engine red. However, shades of strawberry blond, light copper, and dar copper are easy for you. Add a gold hair highlight to the mix and you have natural looking hair.

If you are a light brunette to a very dark blond, you may want to be a little braver by trying copper highlights, dark golden-blond copper highlights, or for the daring a deep rich copper or fire red. If you still insist on subtlety, try a light mahogany red or deep plum as a lowlight.

If your hair is between dark brown to black, red looks usually the best on this type of color. Go for fire engine red or berry red highlights. For the subtle approach, try a red-brown highlight or a dark plum for more of a natural look. You could also suggest to your stylist to create "sliced highlights" wherein the dark colors of your highlights would be more prominent.

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