Hair Color Trends For Fall 2007

As early as today, women should update their look in anticipation for the Fall 2007 season. Keeping up with what’s hot in fashion is one of our top concerns. And when it comes to hair, you need to add glamor to your style by having your hair colored that speaks of "Now!"

Here are what beauty experts predict as the hottest and t he coolest tones for hair this Fall 2007.

Go brunette – This fall, we should choose a slightly darker brunette tone. There is an array of dark, rich, and solid brunette shades that your hair colorist would recommend.

However, fair-skinned gals should choose a lighter variety of brunette, creating a softening effect on your skin when framing the face and would avoid looking pale.

Being bold with your hair color could be a risky choice to some, but remember that we should change for the better.

Blended highlights – Hair stylists recommend having your colored hair highlighted to avoid your hair looking matte and really plain.

This Fall 2007, your highlights should be very natural to your chose brunette shade, perhaps one or two shades lighter.

You could also opt for any copper tone. The key here is that your highlights should be subtle and blends well to the main color, not making your hair look chunky or striped.

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