Men’s Fall Fashion Trends 2007

When it comes to fashion, men’s clothing noticeably gets a bigger following when it comes around to fall than any other season. The fabrics that people have for fall clothing are quite rich in color as well as texture because of the chilly evenings during fall.

The colors are also neutral and well coordinated by those who are manufacturing the clothes. You have earthy and light-colored tones mixing with those darker mattes which you can mix and match. However, one of the benefits of fall clothing is the ability to layer them on top of one another.

Whenever the dusk settles and the wind starts to cool the air at nighttime, you can simply layer one type of clothing on top of another, making you look and feel stylish. You seriously don’t have to spend a fortune to seem the latter. The following items are must-haves for any closet during the fall. These will not only carry you through the rest of the fall but throughout the coming winter as well as the seasons to come.


Today’s cardigans are quite different from that of your grandfather’s. It’s very different sweater which has a slimmer and more contemporary cut which one can weare at the office or on a date. Today’s cardigans are quite thin enough so that you’ll be able to wear it over a dress shirt and underneath a jacket.

It can even be on top of your favorite t-shirt with a pair of jeans. It’s simply one of the most versatile items that you can have in your wardrobe. You may want to try out those which are made out of merino wool or cashmere. Try to look for one which has a double zipper as well so that you can unzip the bottom when you are sitting. If you also are into trying something new, you may want to choose a cardigan which has small pockets or some sort of patch on the elbows.

Pinstriped Pants

These types of pants are classic when it comes to the fall clothing lineup. They are quite acceptable in formal or more casual occasions when you don’t have to be too stiff in your attire. The detailing that is done on pinstriped pants essentially spices up what could otherwise be a very dull ensemble.

This is perfect whether you go with gray pinstripes on navy-colored pants or gray with brown pinstripes or the classic black with any color of pinstripe. If you want to try the modern look, you might want to match it with an argyle sweater or a striped shirt.

Striped Shirts

Just about every designer and fashion line has come out with some sort of striped shirt or another. The important thing is to be able to have one. Just wear it independently along with your normal day-to-day jeans or with a suit or maybe underneath a sweater. You should simply remember that the season of fall is all about layering and that you might need to alternate between the bold and thick stripes to the thinner ones. It’s, quite frankly, a great look that you can incorporate into many ensembles.

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