Cocktail Dress Fashion Trends

Cocktail dresses are one of the most versatile among special occasion dresses. Over the years, cocktail dresses have appeared in different styles and varieties that wearing it brings out the playful and exciting atmosphere of a party girl. These flirty dresses look good in almost every figure, especially the trim-fitted cocktail dresses. But if you’re a little short in the height department or if you have weak spots, you can easily select dress styles that are cut out to enhancing your figure. Accessorize and add jewelries to your cocktail dress to flatter your assets and body features.

Unlike other formal women’s attire, cocktail dresses come in distinctive styles, lengths and materials. You can opt to have your cocktail dress cut to knee length, mid-calf high, a few inches above the knee, or a few inches above the ankle or tea length. You also have your choice for sleeve length, depending on which looks best on you. Go bare on a strapless dress or play the conservative type with full-length sleeves. Halter top necklines look best on petite women. The diagonal strap emphasizes the top and gives a broad shoulder appearance. Meanwhile, v-cut tops give attention to the bust.

It is more appropriate to wear cocktail dresses on semi-formal or black tie events. But you can glamorize your dress and make it look fine by using richer fabrics and materials such as velvet, chiffon, silk and satin. Elaborate the dress with sequins, lace, strips of fabric and ribbons, crystal beads and embroidery to add a little detail and make it more luxurious and trendy. Waist-level belts look flattering to women with small waists. Wearing matching color tone belts make a simple cocktail dress more sharp and detailed.

The little black dress is the most popular version of the cocktail dress. You can never go wrong with this dress. You can either appear dressed-up or dressed-down in almost any occasion with this dress. This simple dress can look elegant with the right accessories. Pair it with a diamond necklace and stilettos and you’re all set for an evening wear. Combine it with a suit jacket and modest jewelry and you can have it as a daytime dress. The little black dress’ versatility is the main reason why it is a must-have in every woman’s closet.

All cocktail dresses can be worn all-year round. Its simplicity is why it has remained a classic among women of all age, shapes and sizes. But if you want to keep up in style and fashion, look for more bolder prints and mixed fabric textures. Adorn your dress with detailed embroidery and metallic threads to highlight an ultramodern and sheen tone. Try large and fluffy circle skirts with modern prints for a party dress. Don’t go for too much lace and sparkles if you don’t want to appear too young and girly for your age. The most important thing when dressing up with a cocktail dress is to be confident, look gorgeous and have fun with what you’re wearing.

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