Choosing the Right Body Scent

Body scentBefore heading to the perfume counter, get to know what scent works best for you. Choosing the right body scent is not as easy as selecting a new shade of blush or lipstick tint. It’s not just wearing something that smells right, but also having something that complements your individual lifestyle.

The sense of smell identifies thousands of different odor molecules. There really is such a thing as an "odor memory," a connection between olfactory nerves and memory.

Knowing this, you would want to have a distinct scent that specially identifies you to someone else’s mind. If you have a special someone, be irresistible and send an overpowering signal with the perfume you wear.

Each scent also receives different responses from you yourself when you’re wearing it and to the people you come in contact with. So think about the message that you wish to convey with your identifying fragrance.

Categories of scent

There are basically six main scent categories: floral, fruity, greens, oceanic, orientals, and woody. Each of these scents suit different occasions and specific age groups.

For example, a sweet fruity scent works great with kids and teens while a strong oriental is better suited for sophisticated, classy women. The cool, refreshing fragrance of the oceanic scent is best worn when going out on a nice, leisurely afternoon stroll.

Streght of the scent

The strength of the scent you want to wear should also be considered when choosing your perfume. An eau de toilet or "toilet water" actually refers to a light fragrance that’s for everyday use. On the other hand, eau de parfum has a stronger scent and clings to your skin or clothes for hours, as it is essentially an oil-based fragrance.

Parfum is best worn on special occasions with its strong and energy-filled scent. The other form provides a light, simple hint of fragrance and gives a more subtle scent applicable for daytime use.

In choosing the right scent, you will also decide the kind of ambiance that you want to kindle between yourself and the persons around you.

Test a fragrance

Once you have decided which form of fragrance you want to use, try experimenting with different types of scents when going to department stores.

Try a new scent or ask for samples when passing by the cosmetic counter. When you find a particular scent of your liking, look at the packaging of the perfume and ask the sales person to describe it to you.

The best way to test a fragrance is by dabbing or spraying a small amount on the inside of your wrist. Occasionally sniff at your wrist to check if the fragrance still lingers and decide if this is what you really like.

Perfumes are also a nice addition to your wardrobe. Women especially appear more attractive and sensual when wearing the right perfume. You can either get positive or negative reactions to the scent you’re wearing and it can also affect your mood.

That is why you should take time to choose the scent that fits you and flatters you the most. It may take some effort, but there are definitely rewards and compliments once you make the right selection. Remember that with perfume, the less you wear the better.

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