Women’s Fall Fashion Trends 2007

Autumn is fast approaching as the sweltering summer season is about to come to an end. It is time for the ladies to prepare and plan for their autumn wardrobe. And since autumn calls for outfits that will help keep one warm during the approaching cold season, it is time to try and focus on coats and other fashion wear and accessories that may set the trend for autumn, 2007.

Spring and summer of 2007 trend was all about the tunic dress. Come autumn the coat will be back in business as it is time to give it what it is really made for- to act as a fashionable cover for the volume of clothing it tries to conceal. Trendy coats for autumn 2007 includes, sixties inspired coats with Trapeze A-lines as well as those with cocoon volume. Masculine coats as well as those with military styling are also seen to become quite popular in autumn 2007. The trend for coats for the 2007 season would be aimed to make a more striking statement rather than looking for some chic elegance.

For dresses, the fashion trend for autumn of 2007 would still follow what of what made the trend in the summer and spring of this year. Long tunics would still be trendy along with short dresses. Sixties-inspired as well as Eighties dresses, baby doll looks, rock chic outfits, and body conscious outfits may be something to check out. Since autumn signals the coming of the cold season, prepare for the coming of outfits with more volume. As for skirts, women can either choose from the body hugging variety or the fuller versions which can be paired with strapless fitted tops or other body hugging bodices.

For fashion color trends, autumn of 2007 calls for darker tones than the summer palette of colors of 2007 brought along. What women should focus on are on the base colors that include deep purples, darker shades of green, reds, orange, and browns. Purple would be a popular for autumn. It is probably the hottest color trend for this season and women should begin to watch out for a fashionable line-up of purple colored outfits and ensembles in stores. Glimmering colors like dazzling gold, silver and olive green make also trendy choices for the autumn color palette. Brown is also seen as something to add up in your color palette for autumn since a resurgence of military inspired coats has again cropped up this season.

As for trendy fashion accessories, autumn also brings quite a lavish choice for women. The Eighties clutch handbag acquire a new significance in the autumn 2007 fashion trend. Exotic leather would be the top choice for this season which can include those bags made from reptilian leather such as crocodile, snake to faux pas selections and even bags made from ostrich leather. For shoes, the new fashion look for autumn would include stylish cone heeled footwear. Ballerina shoes may also be popular for those who are looking for more comfortable flat shoes for the season. Fur-trimmed footwear like boots and shoes would also make the trend to usher in the coming of the autumn season in 2007.

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