Finding the Perfect Plus-Sized Wedding Dress

plus size wedding dressBeing a full-figured woman doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to look good on the most important day of your life. However, finding the right wedding gown for you body type is an arduous task. Here are some important reminders when it comes to choosing the right dress that is just the right fit and style.

Get to know your full shape

Find a dress that is best for your curvy figure. An A-line dress, where the bottom part of the dress goes wide from the waist down making your gown look like the letter A, is flattering to most plus-sized women.

Meanwhile, a V-neckline (not too low) can add contrast to your dress. Try on a dress that is about ankle length, as any shorter dress would make you shorter and stouter. Also, avoid having a full ball gown skirt as it would only exaggerate your roundness.

Get to know where to shop

There are wedding shops that cater to the full-figured women. You can start with larger retail chains first, then going to department stores, or consulting designers who specializes in plus-size wedding dresses.

Aim for comfort

Even if you wear the most beautiful wedding gown available, it won’t look good on you if you feel uncomfortable wearing it. A perfect wedding gown won’t make you feel stressed or having to tugging on your dress. When fitting on a wedding gown, make sure you can more, talk, and dance in your dress with ease. You could choose a size bigger to make sure that your dress fit well.

Have it tailored

Once you have chosen your wedding dress, have it altered to make your wear a perfect fit for you. Subtle differences in how a garment fits you can mean a lot in other’s perception of you, as well as in you confidence.

Break the rules a little

Whatever rules you may find, remember that it is still you wedding and you need to love your wedding dress in order for that "happiness" to emanate. Also, there are many ways in disguising your figure such as using a shawl to cover the flabby arms. However, a curvaceous body is something to celebrate not hide.

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