Choosing The Perfect Hair Color

Thinking of having a new look? Color is the best way to bring some change in your style and appearance. So why not try a new hair color? You can change the natural color of your locks for every mood and season. But before getting all excited in choosing which shade would make you feel more beautiful inside and out, it really is important to get your hair color right. And there’s but one simple rule in doing this: stick to colors that complement your skin tone.

Although it is evident that nature mixes different skin colors with different shades of hair, some shades and colors really do look perfect with one another. So if you don’t want to end up with a look that nobody agrees with, its better to go for the fact that certain skin tones look best with particular hair colors. Also keep in mind your eye color when shopping for hair dyes. Certain hair colors also bring out and emphasize the color of your eyes.

Most people have tried experimenting with different hair colors only to find a better look to their original. Meanwhile, some have tried on a new shade only to find out that the results are not what they are looking for and may give them a bad, sickly appearance. But in some cases, this may be the look that you’re after.

If you’re going for the Gothic look, simply dye your hair jet black. The black shade works perfectly for showing off your light skin. Some shades of blonde also look good against pale skin. Avoid platinum colors if you have a light complexion, as this will make you appear even paler. Soft shades of red and auburn will make you look less pale.

Medium to dark complexions look good with almost any shade of hair color. Matching blonde hair with a good tan is always in style. Brown or black hair on dark skin also looks very attractive. Meanwhile, red shades next to dark skin may not work at all times.

For those with very dark skin and dark eyes, dark hair gives a classic look. Going for brown or auburn is also a better choice than lightening your dark hair and trying on shades of blonde. Some people with black skin have successfully pulled off having a blonde do, but it may not always work out and look good on everyone.

Of course, no one can really tell you what hair color looks good and feels right on you. It’s all about how you choose your own color with which you’d feel most comfortable with. It also depends on what you really want to achieve in changing the color of your hair. If you want to stand out, then go for a more daring color. If you don’t want to draw too much attention and just simply want to have a nice do, select a more modest shade. If you’re not satisfied with the end results, you can easily dye your hair a different color, choose a more appropriate one, and feel radiant about your hair.

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