How to Buy Designer Handbags

Handbags will forever be the ultimate fashion accessory for women of all ages. You can easily make a fashion statement with whoever great designer you are carrying on your shoulders.

The expensive designer bag has also become a status symbol, since not everyone can afford to buy such costly bags. Most would have to opt for the knockoff bags, which come at a cheaper price, costing only but a fraction of the original handbags. But owning a stylish designer handbag gives a sense of pride and satisfaction to its owner, despite spending thousands of dollars to have the latest bag from the hottest designer in the fashion world.

Often, it’s really hard to tell the difference between an imitation handbag and the real thing. So to avoid getting a run out of your money when purchasing an authentic designer handbag, here are a few friendly tips when shopping for that brand new, in-season Prada tote bag or Dior gaucho bag:

First, remember that fake designer handbags are aplenty and are so common in the market nowadays. Make sure that you are buying from a reputable store which sells high end bags and accessories. The same also goes when shopping online. Choose well-known sites and review the terms and conditions of the website to check the origin of the items that are being sold.

Do some personal research on how to identify the authenticity of particular designer handbags. Be as specific as possible and give a strong eye to detail. There are specific authentication guides posted in several forums on the web which gives detailed information on the authenticity of bags made for various designers. Pictorial guides reveal in detail characteristics like design, color, serial numbers, and price to give you an idea on what to look for in your chosen designer handbag. Expert reviews and opinions are also useful in helping you choose which designer handbag is perfect for you.

If you’re buying a handbag as a special treat for yourself, shop wisely! Designer handbags are great but are overly expensive. Most women splurge and purchase them even if they don’t really afford buying such items and are actually breaking their budget. If you’re not planning on building a collection of Louis Vuitton handbags, choose one that would prove to be a classic.

Remember that trendy handbags easily go out of style just as fast as the seasons change. So if you can’t afford to keep up with the fashion pace, purchase a handbag that’s been around for years and still remains in that particular designer brand’s fashion line. For example, Prada’s Lunch tote has been available for 20 years and is still being featured in Prada’s line every year. You’ll never go out of style with this handbag!

Paying thousands of dollars for a handbag is basically paying for the name and the design that goes into the bag. Choose a design that you really have the hots for and one that goes easily with your wardrobe. Pay special attention to the details of the bag. Check for the stitches, they should be tiny and discreet, and not flashy and cheaply done. Monograms should also be clearly printed. Watch out for smudges and inaccuracies in the design. Don’t splurge on something just because it’s the ‘it’ bag of today.

If you can’t see yourself wearing the bag in the long run or you’re having minor doubts about purchasing the bag, then simply don’t buy it! Spend your big bucks on a bag that you really desire to have, so that you’ll feel a sense of fulfillment when carrying that designer handbag.

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