Hairstyles for The Spring / Summer 2007

Thinking of giving yourself a makeover this spring or summer season? Why not chop your long black locks and trade it for a shorter and edgier do? The classic bob hair style makes a big comeback this season, with many celebrities sporting the ‘pageboy’ hairstyle.

From sexy heiress Paris Hilton to supermodel Kate Moss, they have all dramatically changed their locks for a more appealing wedge hairdo. Long-haired girls looking for a quick alteration could try working it out with a stylish bob.

The bob suits every face shape, hair type and color, making it a popular hair style among women of all age and class. The bob is one of the most manageable hairstyles, making it popular especially among women who are always on the go. A quick blow dry and a simple brush or comb are all it takes to keep the bob hairstyle in shape.

There’s practically no need for styling aids, as this gorgeous hairstyle is very versatile and easy to wear. This is just perfect for this summer season, as donning a bob gives a light, manageable feel, in spite of the sticky, sweltering heat.

There’s a wide range of bob selections that you can choose from to have that perfect, edgy feel. Bobs can be both modern and classic at the same time. The traditional bob is cut short and sleek with the hair trimmed at the same length, except for the bangs. Cutting your hair at jaw-length is the most preferable as it appears neither short nor long.

This is appropriate for the short term, when you’re still planning to grow your locks anytime soon. For the more venturous, try a short, nose-length bob paired with long blunt-cut bangs. This cut may appear too short, but it strikingly allows natural movement to your hair. If you don’t prefer the long bangs, you can opt for shorter, thin and uneven fringes.

You can easily change your bob just by changing the shape and not necessarily the hair length altogether. Also, you don’t need to be stuck in one style and color for long, as you can easily modify your bob hairdo for whatever mood and occasion. Color also kind of individualizes the simple shape of the bob by giving it more taste and drama. Try cutting some layers into it and then use contrasting hair colors.

For a long layer, you can use a dark shade on top and progressively go lighter toward the ends. You can also try going asymmetrical by going longer on one side while cutting it shorter on the other. Another fascinating idea about the bob hairstyle is that you can achieve two great looks in one. One day you can look sleek and sophisticated and then clumped up and messy on the next.

For the year 2007, the “inverted” bob is one of the hottest hairstyles. It is worn somewhat narrowing around the edges of your hair, tightening around the neckline. At the crown, hair is bunched up in all its fullness. As in all other bob hairstyles, the “inverted” bob achieves a simple yet stylish feel and is very low-maintenance.

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