Women’s Spring Fashion Trends 2007

With the changing seasons comes the ever fickle fashion trends.

The Shirt Dress

The cotton shirt dress along baby doll/trapeze dress is leading the pack for hot picks for the summer. Versatile enough to be worn in the office or out on the town, these dresses only need a change in accessories and shoes.

Another good thing with the trapeze dress is that it can fit any body type and you won’t have to worry about that belly until the next fashion fad.

The Lucite Bangle

Love it or loathe it the 80s aren’t going anywhere this summer. Thick, plastic bangles can look tacky but you have to roll with the fashion trend, darling.

The best way to wear them is to have at least two of the bangles at the same time. Don’t even think of wearing them if you’re already sporting lucite heeled sandals or a lucite bag. One plastic accessory at a time, please.

The Clutch Bag

After the furor over big bags that are filled to the brim with everything in your house but the kitchen sink, the trend has once again gone the other way. Strange isn’t it? The minute you thing you’re safe, the fashion gods decide to pull the rug under you.

Truthfully the clutch bag is a welcome relief from the oversized bag. The light and delicate clutch bag is the perfect epitome of spring.

Plus, if you do spill the contents of your clutch bag you won’t have to spend 30 minutes just getting all your stuff together.

Sailor Shirts

The Nautical look is back. Don’t go full tilt by wearing everything that has a nautical theme to it. You’ll end up like a reject from the Navy.

Wide Leg Jeans

From skinny jeans to the opposite end of the spectrum. Wide leg jeans are now the hot thing.

If you’ve been buying skinny jeans all winter, don’t despair they’re bound to make a come back someday. On the other hand those who aren’t as physically blessed with perfect figures should rejoice!

The trick for those with curvy figures is not to pair your wide leg jeans with a baggy shirt. Go for something form fitting and you should do fine.

The Color Yellow

The buttercream yellow that is. This shade is everywhere in the fashion shows. Be prepared to be mistaken for frosting this spring.

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