Women's Summer Fashion Trends 2007

The summer is here in all its sweltering glory and before your fashion sense wilts in the heat, we’re going to take a look at the latest fashion trends to make you seem cool this season.

The hottest trends this summer are the cotton shirt dress and the baby doll dress. Unless you have a relatively flat stomach with an generous bosom, this isn’t a very flattering look. In some cases you can even look pregnant. Now that the seasons have changed, dresses are going to be the most important part of your wardrobe. The trick is just to find the right dress that is the most flattering for your body type. Other than that dresses can be quick and easy, with just the hassle of finding the right accessory to deal with.

Unfortunately the eighties are also making a comeback this summer. For those who still have vivid flashbacks to the ‘me’ decade you might want to hide under a rock this season. Over sized ballet tops, bright hued dresses and chunky bracelets are all going to be invading your local fashion hubs. On the plus side, if you’ve been saving your old clothes from the era you can dust them off and feel justified in clogging up your wardrobe all these years.

Bright colors are a big trend this season. Don’t wear a bright blue skirt, white tank, bright pink cardigan, bright yellow necklace and yellow wedges – too many brights worn at once can lead to temporary blindness. Swap some pieces for neutrals like black, so a single color pops, making a more wearable look.

Designers are also going crazy over flowers. Floral designs that is. If wearing a floral pattern dressy is too girly for your taste, you can still participate in the trend by just wearing shoes with a floral imprint. If you do want to mix patterns and florals be careful with mixing them together. You don’t want to pair two large patterns together and look like a table cloth. Be more subtle and opt for prints with better placement.

Shorts suits are a chic way to dress for work this season. A black and white-striped top peeks out to give a chic, graphic look. And silver accessories complete the look.

Wide leg jeans are new for spring. But be careful not too wear them with a boxy or voluminous top like a babydoll top. Also, the crochet bag is a bit too much paired with the crochet trim of the top. Opt for a more fitted top to balance out the width of the jeans, for a much more flattering silhouette.

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