How to Buy Fashion on Sale

Not everyone can afford buying the latest fashion especially from the designer lines. We can’t all have a bank account that can underwrite the entire Spring collection of Donna Karan. So for the rest of us working stiffs looking out for sales is the way to go.

Everyone loves a good sale. It brings out the competitive spirit in every woman. But before you can go all Wonder woman here are some things that you have to keep in mind before going into the breach.

Never buy because of price alone; always buy because you first like the item.

Buy classics. Avoid the temptation to splurge on too-trendy pieces. Put your money in timeless pieces like sweaters, good jeans, wool separates and quality leather goods. If it’s out of style (or quickly fading) you won’t get your maximum money’s worth.

Check the return policy. Know the company’s policy before you buy; be extremely wary of a company that won’t take exchanges or charges a restocking fee.

Net shopping mean colors and fabrics can’t really be distinguished, not to mention fit. Go with generous return policies if at all possible (you may have to sacrifice this rule for the secondhand).

Even designers make mistakes. There are plenty of ugly goods out there with a chi chi label sewn in the collar; discounters and outlet stores can be a dumping ground for the slow sellers. Good judgment and taste are your guides here.

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