Women Plus Sizes Clothing

woman plus sizePlus size women are often a sad and neglected face of the fashion industry. In the billion dollars fashion industry taking time and care to make clothes for plus sized women doesn’t add to a very profitable business venture.

There is a common misconception that plus sized women don’t spend much as any other woman on fashion And this is where the vicious cycle starts.

Because the fashion industry has overlooked the spending power of many plus sized women, ironic really given the obesity problem in the United States, the choices for many plus sized women are relegated to drab designs and uninspired lines that do little for the figure.

Plus sized women don’t buy in stores, the stores don’t stock for plus sized women and the cycle rolls on. It’s only been recently that the fashion industry has woken to the fact that yes plus sized women do in fact like fashion, would want to buy fashionable clothes and are willing to spend for it. Change is coming but not soon enough.

Most stores outside the big cities and metropolitan areas don’t stock sizes 8-26 but there are now fashion designers who are seeking to break that size 6 glass ceiling.

In the meantime while we wait for the fashion industry to wake up to the realization that real women do actually have curves, there are a few tips you should keep in mind if you are a plus sized woman and on the prowl for a fashionable wardrobe.

The wrap dress is your best friend. If you want to make an impression then you can’t go wrong with a nice knee length black dress with heels. Great accessories work to accentuate a simple dress. Pick your best asset and flaunt it. Don’t be afraid of going sleeveless. The empire cut would look best as it separates your bust from your most unflattering curve, your waist.

The bottom line is that you have to feel comfortable enough in your body to want to dress up in the latest trends. There’s no reason to look frumpy just because you don’t fit with the size 6 crowd. It’s okay to be Rubenesque.

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