Getting Married in Greece

Santorini GreeceGreece makes a wonderful setting for your wedding, with a limitless selection of magical settings & scenic backdrops for your big day! Changes in the laws in the last few years have made it much easier to have a wedding in Greece so getting married on a beautiful Greek Island is now easier than ever.

Greece provides a wealth of historic architecture & ancient ruins for those who love culture. The climate & beaches provide a sun worshippers paradise, while couples who want nightlife & action will not be disappointed. There are so many diverse wedding locations across the Greek Islands & the Greek mainland that deciding where to get married in Greece is the biggest problem!

Greece & many Greek resorts provide a great location to combine a great holiday with a fantastic wedding. Most of the weddings are held in the islands of Santorini, Corfu, Mykonos and Rhodes where foreign weddings are more common because they are such popular tourist destinations.

It is possible to have a Greece wedding virtually any location, anywhere in Greece. Outdoor weddings, beach weddings, Church weddings & other religious weddings are all available. In Santorini, for instance, you can’t find a setting more romantic then on the rim of a volcano with the sea 1000 feet below. It is custom, though optional, for weddings in Greece to take place at sunset because of the heat of summer plus after a sunset ceremony you can go directly to the reception of eating, drinking & dancing!

Legally it is relatively simple to marry in Greece but not as easy as ‘Greek style’ Cyprus – where marriage laws are simple. Weddings in Greece are legal for couples from the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Europe & most other countries. The paperwork required will depend upon where you are from and your personal circumstances. But it has got much easier to arrange than it once was.

If you want to do it on your own you will need to contact the president or mayor of the community for a civil wedding, or the head priest for a religious wedding. Some documents have to be translated such as your birth certificates. And follow the exact procedures that they will tell you.

Most couples opt to use a wedding company to help arrange their marriage for them but you can arrange your wedding yourself.

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