How to Dress On a Budget

budget styleThe average clothes-loving woman would normally only dream of wearing that cashmere coat while carrying along that Gucci bag and strutting around the strip with Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Even though you may not have enough money to shell out for such a shopping splurge, you may still look sophisticated and trendy without having the hassle of spending too much on exorbitantly priced shoes, clothes and what have you. In other words, you can still afford to be fashionable while keeping your finances intact.

In order to look fashionable, sophisticated and rich without blowing one’s budget, you must be able to learn how to shop, budget and manage your clothings like a pro. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Budget wisely and responsibly

Since you are used to budgeting your finances for the car payments, the mortgage and the monthly bills, why must your clothing expenses be any different? Learn to establish a budget that is solely for shopping expenses. Whatever you have left over from the payables each month, set aside a separate account exclusively for your shopping cravings.

Also, it would be very wise to ditch paying for your shopping using credit cards as the debt will eventually catch up to you and will essentially negate the idea of building a separate shopping account.

Learn to apply the 70/30 Rule

This is a very practical way to solve the dilemma of always buying trendy outfits. Of course, you would definitely look good in that new top which is the all the rave at the moment but you can’t spend your life climbing up the bandwagon each and every time. Therefore, try to make 70% of the clothes that you purchase the ones which can be considered classic.

The remaining 30% can be allotted for the really trendy ones. That way you will be able to get more value and wear for the classics that you buy such as a designer handbag. It will automatically give the impression that the rest of your clothing and accessories are also as expensive if not more pricey.

These are just some of the sure-fire ways of transforming your fashion sense into a more practical and viable alternative. It would be helpful if you keep in mind all of these the next time you go out and shop for clothes.

That way you’ll be able to save more and look better at the same time. After all, it’s much more fun looking fabulous and having enough money to pay the monthly bills.

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