Choosing Colors That Are Right for You

fashion colorsColors are not just used because they are aesthetically pleasing to look at. There are colors which ultimately say more than what they show. It is because different colors convey equally different meanings. There are reasons why there are specific colors for the people who work.

The UPS postman might wear brown because they desire to subconsciously show that they’re reliable or that the police wear dark colors to communicate authority and scrubs show up in almost pastel green scrubs to communicate the idea of tranquility to ease the anxiety of their patients. These are the vibrant truths that one needs to know about the psychology of colors. Here’s another motley of information that can help you decide what color to wear on your next big interview or your annual meeting.


The color blue is equivalent to stability, faithfulness and sensitivity. It brings up reminders of the sky which is a symbol for stability. It says to the person that, like the sky, you will always be there. In order to appeal to different situations, you could try mixing up the hues. Navy blue implies authority and power while lighter shades of blue may be worn during more casual gatherings.


With this color, the words “love” and “femininity” always accompany it. Although it is a gentle color, it lacks the fervor that darker colors of this hue imply. With this in mind, it has a soothing and calming effect to it. In order to shy away from the “girly” connotation that it often gets, you can opt for a hotter color such as magenta in order to turn heads.


This stone-wall hue comes with ideas such as dependability and seriousness. This is because gray gets its reputation from Mother Nature. It is a powerful and permanent color as demonstrated by things that are gray outdoors such as stones and rocks. In order to make the impression that you are dependable, wear a grayish suit to a job interview. The interviewer will definitely get what you mean.


The quintessential color of villains and movie antagonists, black is the color of elegance and poise. It implies ideas of stability and confidence. Although simultaneously, it is also associated with mourning and loss of a loved one. There is a fine balance between overdoing it and wearing it in a graceful manner.

In order to do this, try to accessorize along with the color you. If you’re a woman, you may try putting on dark and vibrant colors for your eyeshadow or silver stillettos while if you’re a man you might want to try a gold or silver watch to complement the color.

There are other colors but these are the ones with which we are all familiar with. It is important to wear the appropriate color for the appropriate occasion. May your next night out in the town or job interview fare well simply because you chose your colors wisely.

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