What to Wear to a Wedding

wedding attireA wedding is a solemn event and as such you don’t want to show up in clothes that would scandalize the rest of the wedding party. You don’t want to wear anything too ostentatious that you would put the bride to shame and you wouldn’t want to come in scruffy jeans and a shirt. Here are some tips that will help you decide on what to wear to a wedding.

If you aren’t sure what outfit would be appropriate then all you have to do is ask. Nothing is lost by asking and you would avoid showing up in a black, leather mini. Although for weddings you should always try to dress as conservatively as possible. Even if you think that it would be boring to wear beige, try to respect the feelings of those involved in the wedding.

Make sure to ask if the ceremony is formal or informal. If it is in the daytime a short dress or suit would do even if it is formal, semi-formal or informal. If the wedding is in the evening, wear a cocktail dress for an informal ceremony and a long or dressy cocktail dress if it is formal. However if the wedding is ultra formal or white tie nothing less than long gown and extra glitz would do.

Don’t wear white. This is supposed to be the bride’s special day and you certainly wouldn’t want to be stealing any thunder from her. Don’t worry about competing with the bridesmaids or the mothers. You aren’t expected to know everything about the wedding party. Don’t wear black during the daytime. Wear something feminine out of respect to your hosts but nothing too feminine like strapless blouses or see through clothing. You don’t want to attract the groom’s attention.

If you want to wear high heels, make sure they’re easy to walk in, because it’s a lot more embarrassing to trip on your way up to the altar with a whole church full of people watching you than to look a couple inches shorter. Don’t wear gloves with anything but sleeveless or strapless gowns. Most especially don’t spill drinks on anyone.

For the men an informal daytime ceremony would require dress shirt and pants with a sports jacket. For formal wear a dark suit or tie. If the wedding is in the evening, wear a tuxedo if the invitation says “black tie”. Don’t wear a tuxedo in the daytime. You’ll risk looking like one of the waiters.

The most important thing to use in deciding what to wear to a wedding is your own good judgment. If the invitation doesn’t specify the formality of the event and you weren’t able to call anyone in the wedding party, dress conservatively. A little black dress or dark suit for the evening and a soft floral dress in the morning is always the safest attire to go in.

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