Accessory Fashion Trends 2007

As a new year rolls around many of us will be rushing to the malls to update our wardrobe with the latest fashion trends. If you find jumping on the fashion trends distasteful or you don’t have enough money to participate you can always accessorize. Accessories are the easiest way to join in a trend without spending a fortune.

In 2007 the watchword is metallic. Metallic textures and fabrics are on top of the predictions for the 2007 fashion plate. If you find the space look scary, you can still be trendy by buying shiny, metallic shoes and bags, lucite jewelry and lots of patent leather for that futuristic look. Studded belts and cuffs are going to be the accessories of the year. In fact any accessory that looks dangerous will be hot, hot, hot.

Neon will also be making a comeback and you’ll likely see everything from jewelry to shoes to bags in every bright hue and shade. Go for citrus shades such as lemons and oranges to keep your wardrobe cool. Another fashion tip to keep in mind is to go for the oversized look in accessories. Slouchy bags, chunky beads, long necklaces and huge sunglasses will instantly put your outdated wardrobe to the trendy side.

Quilted bags will be making another appearance, but in a more unstructured style than the original Chanel version. Clumpy shoes with Perspex heels were also seen in most fashion shows. Wedges will likely be back in time for the summer fashion, along with a more feminine version of the strappy gladiator sandal.

So mix and match these over the top accessories with the easier trends in clothing, like the whites and nudes, prints and soft tailoring to stay trendy and super.

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