Choosing the Right Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaceFor simple elegance there is nothing that compares to a pearl necklace. Choosing the right one can spell the difference between looking elegant or looking like your grandmother. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect one for a smashing night out.


Even in pearls age plays an important role. For young women, the pearls you choose should be stick closer to the neckline. This is to show off your beautiful skin but only if you do have creamy skin to boast of. Otherwise go for the longer necklaces.

Younger women should also avoid the gaudy and excessive necklaces or risk looking like they’re trying to match their mother’s style. Older women would want longer necklaces to draw the eyes away from their "imperfections". You can now also wear bigger and flashier jewelry. Apparently age will give you the right to wear anything you please.

Body type

You have to match your body type with the type of pearl necklace you want to wear. It’s never a good idea to accentuate a bony neck. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • For those with short necks, wear a longer strand to elongate your neck

  • A single or multi strand collar or choker will accentuate a long neck

  • Heavy and thick necks should wear larger chains and necklaces

  • Avoid wearing a necklace that falls at the base of the neck for those with bony necks

Skin Color

Pearls have different shades that can compliment different skin tones. The most popular shade is of course white but you should consider investing in other shades. While white will go great with a majority of skin tones there are still others that can better suit you.

Those with fair skin are well matched with white pearls but for those with tanned or dark skin tones, a creamy and golden shade of pearl will set off your skin nicely.


A pearl necklace will give you an air of sophistication wherever you may go. However there are certain styles that can work better in a work environment or a party. Consider the occasion and match it with the length of your pearl necklace.

The collar pearl necklace at 10 to 13 inches long is great for casual wear. The opera pearl necklace is 28 to 34 inches long and is perfect for the opera or a night out. For the workplace wear a matinee pearl necklace that is 20 to 24 inches long.


Match your neckline with the right length of necklace. A shorter length will go with an evening gown or ‘V’ neck sweaters. They are also well matched with an off the shoulder wedding gown. Longer necklaces are compatible with everyday wear especially to business attire.

Pearls can be a woman’s best friend. They are the perfect gift because of the pearls’ versatility. You can match it with any wardrobe and wear it to nearly every occasion. Best of all they aren’t as exorbitantly priced as your diamond.

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