How To Get Healthy Hair

Healthy hairWash hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove product build up, which can prevent conditioner from penetrating the hair shaft, and rinse thoroughly.

Generally squeeze out excess water from hair with an absorbent towel. Just avoid rubbing or tousling it, which can tangle the hair and even cause breakage.

Rub a quarter size blob of deep conditioner between the palms and use your fingers to rake it through the hair, depositing more on the ends. If you have fine hair, use a little less and only put it on the hair below the ears.

Without yanking the hair, pin it into a loose bun or twist, then cover it with a shower cap and a warm, damp towel to trap heat.

After at least 15 minutes, remove the cap, undo the twist, and rinse well—any conditioner that is left on the hair shaft creates a waxy film.

Squeeze hair with a towel, blotting out excess water. Tackle knots at the ends first with a wide-tooth comb. Then run it from roots to ends.

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