How To Apply Foundation

Woman makeupMoisturizer skin, then wait one minute for it to sink in.

Wet a wedge-shaped sponge and wrap it in a paper towel to remove excess water.

Squeeze a nickel-size blob of foundation on your palm and touch the thin end of the sponge to its surface.

Beginning at the forehead, spread the formula in the fines layers possible on the skin, moving toward the nose, cheeks, and chin using short downward strokes. Foundation should fade away under the jaw.

Dot a light weight concealer that matches your foundation under the eyes znd blend with a small, flat brush. Hide blemishes and splotches with a thicker concealer dabbed directly on the spot with a pointy brush.

To make your handiwork last, dip a fluffy brush in translucent loose powder and dust a small amount over under eye concealer and across the T-zone. (Those with dry skin or using a light diffusing formula can skip.)

Pat a little powder on top of any remaining blemishes with a finger tip (be careful not to rub, or you may wipe the concealer off). Finish your makeup as usual.

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